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 Levesque, Lozier, Mascola, Messina

Winterville, Aroostook, ME


Latitude: 46.9692380, Longitude: -68.5767590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bouchard, Mack  23 May 1901Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12474
2 Daigle, Albert Richard  27 May 1936Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12256
3 Daigle, Albert Roosevelt  6 Jun 1937Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8056
4 Daigle, D.D.   I10362
5 Daigle, Gilford C.  22 Jul 1933Winterville, Aroostook, ME I752
6 Daigle, I.   I753
7 Daigle, Joan  16 Jun 1931Winterville, Aroostook, ME I751
8 Daigle, Normand J.  30 May 1941Winterville, Aroostook, ME I770
9 Daigle, Ronald  6 Aug 1928Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8049
10 Daigle, R.   I10363
11 Daigle, Rosalie  12 Jan 1925Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8048
12 Daigle, Willard Wilford  25 Mar 1922Winterville, Aroostook, ME I3257
13 Deprey, John Jr  4 Jan 1917Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9461
14 Dubay, Sylvio J.  17 Aug 1905Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7761
15 Gagnon, Antoinette  30 Aug 1925Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7393
16 Gagnon, Aurele  10 May 1917Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7388
17 Gagnon, B.   I7392
18 Gagnon, Elsie  9 Jun 1915Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7387
19 Gagnon, Francois Frank  31 Jul 1886Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7384
20 Gagnon, Frank Romeo  20 Dec 1926Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7394
21 Gagnon, Geneva  11 Feb 1928Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7395
22 Gagnon, Herman  19 Nov 1918Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7396
23 Gagnon, M.   I7391
24 Gagnon, Mildred Lulu  3 Jan 1921Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7390
25 Gagnon, O'Neil F. Sr.  10 May 1914Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7386
26 Gorneault, Bertha  10 May 1923Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9456
27 Gorneault, Paul Emile  25 May 1921Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9454
28 Gorneault, Rose Anne  19 Jun 1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9455
29 Marin, H.W.   I10441
30 Martin, Camille Rolland Gerard  24 Jun 1918Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9218
31 Martin, Delore Fernando  5 Mar 1915Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9226
32 Pelletier, Angeline  29 Mar 1924Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9153
33 Pelletier, Arthur Leon  3 Jul 1935Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9158
34 Pelletier, Edmond  12 Dec 1939Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9160
35 Pelletier, Evangeline Therese  25 May 1932Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9157
36 Pelletier, Fernand B.  27 Sep 1921Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9152
37 Pelletier, Gloria Bernice  18 Apr 1926Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9154
38 Pelletier, Joseph Claude Victor  24 May 1916Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9139
39 Pelletier, Lauraine  15 Jul 1941Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9215
40 Pelletier, Louis Ferdinand  31 Mar 1928Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9155
41 Pelletier, Maria Donalda  19 Oct 1919Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9151
42 Pelletier, Patrick  29 Oct 1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9156
43 Pelletier, Reginald Antoine Donat  30 Nov 1917Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9150
44 Pelletier, R.P.   I9159
45 Pelletier, Sefro  Abt 1879Winterville, Aroostook, ME I979
46 Raymond, Ernest J.  18 Oct 1938Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9266
47 Raymond, Wilford Clarence  22 Sep 1921Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9258
48 Soucie, Egline  Abt 1888Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11801
49 Wilson, Mary Rosa Anna  1 Feb 1911Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11803
50 Wilson, Sidney  26 Oct 1909Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bouchard, Hubert Abraham  13 Jan 1929Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12501
2 Daigle, Albert Richard  30 Jul 1936Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12256
3 Daigle, Ronald  24 Mar 1983Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8049
4 Devoe, Kory Gene  13 Jun 1987Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9252
5 Devoe, William J.  17 Nov 1969Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9251
6 Dubois, Marie Melvine  11 Jan 1926Winterville, Aroostook, ME I1605
7 Gagnon, Herman  31 Oct 1971Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7396
8 Labbi, Emelie  1929Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9710
9 Lauzier, Marguerite Sophie  1931Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8423
10 Marin, Damase  7 Mar 1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2300
11 Morneault, Gertrude  26 May 1956Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7334
12 Pelletier, Arthur Leon  27 Apr 2013Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9158
13 Pelletier, Sefro  15 May 1918Winterville, Aroostook, ME I979
14 Plourde, Modeste  7 Sep 1915Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12386
15 Soucie, Egline  1 Nov 1911Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11801
16 Wilson, Hasting  1 Nov 1911Winterville, Aroostook, ME I6920
17 Wilson, Mary Rosa Anna  1 Nov 1911Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11803
18 Wilson, Sidney  20 Sep 1916Winterville, Aroostook, ME I11802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bouchard, Hubert Abraham  1900Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12501
2 Bouchard, Hubert Abraham  1910Winterville, Aroostook, ME I12501
3 Daigle, Amanda  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2546
4 Daigle, David P.  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2545
5 Daigle, David P.  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2545
6 Daigle, Frederick P.  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2547
7 Daigle, Gilford C.  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I752
8 Daigle, I.   I753
9 Daigle, Joan  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I751
10 Daigle, Joseph  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2550
11 Daigle, Joseph  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2550
12 Daigle, Ronald  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8049
13 Daigle, Ronald  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8049
14 Daigle, Rosalie  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8048
15 Daigle, Rosalie  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8048
16 Daigle, Willard Wilford  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I3257
17 Daigle, Willard Wilford  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I3257
18 Deprey, John Jr  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9461
19 Gagnon, Antoinette  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7393
20 Gagnon, Antoinette  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7393
21 Gagnon, Aurele  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7388
22 Gagnon, Aurele  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7388
23 Gagnon, B.   I7392
24 Gagnon, C.R.   I7829
25 Gagnon, Elsie  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7387
26 Gagnon, Elsie  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7387
27 Gagnon, Francois Frank  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7384
28 Gagnon, Francois Frank  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7384
29 Gagnon, Francois Frank  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7384
30 Gagnon, Frank Romeo  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7394
31 Gagnon, Frank Romeo  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7394
32 Gagnon, Geneva  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7395
33 Gagnon, Geneva  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7395
34 Gagnon, Hattie Ethel  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7385
35 Gagnon, Hattie Ethel  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7385
36 Gagnon, Hattie Ethel  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7385
37 Gagnon, Herman  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7396
38 Gagnon, Herman  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7396
39 Gagnon, Herman  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7396
40 Gagnon, Laura  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2543
41 Gagnon, M.   I7391
42 Gagnon, M.   I7391
43 Gagnon, Mildred Lulu  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7390
44 Gagnon, O'Neil F. Sr.  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7386
45 Gagnon, O'Neil F. Sr.  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I7386
46 Gorneault, Albert J.  1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I6669
47 Gorneault, Bertha  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9456
48 Gorneault, Bertha  1940Winterville, Aroostook, ME I9456
49 Gorneault, Fred  10 Feb 1920Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2552
50 Lauzier, Marguerite Sophie  1930Winterville, Aroostook, ME I8423

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Raymond, Joseph Jr  5 Jun 1917Winterville, Aroostook, ME I2526


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Daigle / Madore  5 Feb 1934Winterville, Aroostook, ME F1393
2 Deprey / Gorneault  28 Nov 1939Winterville, Aroostook, ME F2126
3 Dionne / Daigle   F3132
4 Gagnon / Saucier  16 Nov 1943Winterville, Aroostook, ME F2705
5 Holden / Daigle   F3135
6 Levesque / Pelletier  4 Sep 1934Winterville, Aroostook, ME F1387
7 Martin / Pelletier  24 Mar 1945Winterville, Aroostook, ME F1950
8 Michaud / Gagnon  16 Oct 1949Winterville, Aroostook, ME F4509
9 Paradis / Pelletier   F3120
10 Pelletier / Raymond  10 Aug 1915Winterville, Aroostook, ME F1388
11 Saucier / Gagnon   F4504
12 Soucier / Bouchard  22 Jun 1927Winterville, Aroostook, ME F4739
13 Vaillancourt / Pelletier  20 Oct 1950Winterville, Aroostook, ME F3118