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Woonsocket, Providence, RI


Latitude: 42.0028761, Longitude: -71.5147839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bolduc, John Doyle  14 Jul 1931Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9806
2 Boucher, Lucille Marion  6 Aug 1929Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10511
3 Cartier, D.L.   I4195
4 Cartier, Osa J.  27 May 1922Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4192
5 Cartier, S.A.   I4193
6 Fontaine, Lawrence Joseph Jr  21 Jan 1931Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10089
7 Guilbeault, Adelard Anselme Jr  16 Feb 1922Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9773
8 Guilbeault, Dorimene  25 Apr 1923Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9774
9 Guilbeault, Lucien Alfred  16 Jan 1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9775
10 Guilbeault, R.L.   I10921
11 Leclair, P.   I4209
12 Levesque, Claire Theresa  23 Mar 1931Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4217
13 Levesque, Florence MarieLouise  11 Oct 1916Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4073
14 Levesque, Muriel Cecile  16 May 1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9805
15 Mandeville, Lucille Theresa  23 Dec 1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10918
16 Ouellette, Cecile T.  8 Feb 1921Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4079
17 Ouellette, D.A.   I4077
18 Ouellette, L.A.J.   I4074
19 Ouellette, L.   I4076
20 Ouellette, Theodore Adelard  5 Jan 1923Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4075
21 Rogers, D.A.   I4200
22 Rogers, K.L.   I4201
23 Rogers, N.A.   I4202
24 Rondeau, Lionel Hervey  25 Jan 1921Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9779
25 Rondeau, Michelle  31 Oct 1956Woonsocket, Providence, RI I12087
26 Rondeau, Peter Richard  26 Dec 1964Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9785
27 Rondeau, R.L.   I9782
28 Sylvestre, Gilbert R. Sr  11 Mar 1943Woonsocket, Providence, RI I12241
29 Therien, Dorothy Emma  17 Oct 1926Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9797
30 Therien, George Warren  26 Oct 1949Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10512
31 Therien, Warren Louis  3 Jul 1922Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boucher, Lucille Marion  15 Jan 1999Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10511
2 Cartier, Osa J.  19 May 1969Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4192
3 Dusablon, Edmond  Aug 1982Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4198
4 Guilbeault, Adelard  14 Apr 1975Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4189
5 Guilbeault, Amanda Marie Therese  28 Jul 2009Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9776
6 Guilbeault, Dorimene  28 Apr 2009Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9774
7 Guilbeault, Robert Charles  30 Aug 2004Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9777
8 Levesque, Fedora  3 Oct 1973Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4071
9 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  26 Jul 1938Woonsocket, Providence, RI I2613
10 Levesque, Rose Marie  20 Dec 1988Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
11 Ouellette, Cecile T.  23 Dec 2016Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4079
12 Pelletier, Edwin Joseph  18 Aug 1998Woonsocket, Providence, RI I7614
13 Rondeau, Michelle  31 Oct 1956Woonsocket, Providence, RI I12087
14 Sarazin, Laurentina  Oct 1987Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4211
15 Therien, George Warren  24 Oct 1996Woonsocket, Providence, RI I10512
16 Therien, Walter George  16 Sep 1986Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9796
17 Vaillant, Charles Edward  Sep 1971Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Guilbeault, Adelard  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4189
2 Guilbeault, Adelard Anselme Jr  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9773
3 Guilbeault, Dorimene  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9774
4 Guilbeault, Dorimene  1950Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9774
5 Guilbeault, Lucien Alfred  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9775
6 Levesque, Amanda  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4063
7 Levesque, Amanda  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4063
8 Levesque, Amanda  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4063
9 Levesque, Amanda  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4063
10 Levesque, Cecile Floriana  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4058
11 Levesque, Cecile Floriana  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4058
12 Levesque, Cecile Floriana  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4058
13 Levesque, Claire Theresa  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4217
14 Levesque, Claire Theresa  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4217
15 Levesque, Fedora  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4071
16 Levesque, Fedora  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4071
17 Levesque, Florence MarieLouise  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4073
18 Levesque, Florence MarieLouise  1930Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4073
19 Levesque, Florence MarieLouise  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4073
20 Levesque, Florence MarieLouise  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4073
21 Levesque, Florianna  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4070
22 Levesque, Florianna  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4070
23 Levesque, Florianna  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4070
24 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4061
25 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I2613
26 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4061
27 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I2613
28 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1930Woonsocket, Providence, RI I2613
29 Levesque, Joseph Anselme  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I2613
30 Levesque, Muriel Cecile  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9805
31 Levesque, Muriel Cecile  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9805
32 Levesque, Rose Marie  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
33 Levesque, Rose Marie  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
34 Levesque, Rose Marie  1930Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
35 Levesque, Rose Marie  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
36 Levesque, Rose Marie  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4072
37 Levesque, Theodore J.  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4062
38 Levesque, Theodore J.  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4062
39 Levesque, Theodore J.  1930Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4062
40 Levesque, Theodore J.  1935Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4062
41 Levesque, Theodore J.  1940Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4062
42 Ouellette, Alfred Edward  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4059
43 Ouellette, Cecile T.  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4079
44 Ouellette, L.A.J.   I4074
45 Ouellette, L.   I4076
46 Ouellette, Theodore Adelard  1925Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4075
47 Rondeau, Lionel Hervey  1950Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9779
48 Rondeau, R.L.   I9782
49 Roy dit Lauzon, Marie Emelda Amanda  1915Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4051
50 Roy dit Lauzon, Marie Emelda Amanda  1920Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4051

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Ouellette, Alfred Edward  5 Jun 1917Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4059
2 Rondeau, Lionel Hervey  16 Feb 1942Woonsocket, Providence, RI I9779
3 Therien, George Henry  27 Apr 1942Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4218
4 Vaillant, Charles Edward  12 Sep 1918Woonsocket, Providence, RI I4213


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cosgrove / Cartier   F2464
2 Guilbeault / Lopez   F2421
3 Leclair / Masse   F2471
4 Levesque / Sarazin  Abt 1924Woonsocket, Providence, RI F2353
5 Rondeau / Guilbeault  1 May 1948Woonsocket, Providence, RI F2418
6 Taillon / Cartier   F2463
7 Therien / Boucher  25 Nov 1948Woonsocket, Providence, RI F3139