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 Levesque, Lozier, Mascola, Messina

Berlin, Coos, NH


Address : Latitude: 44.491324, Longitude: -71.256794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Thomas W. Ronaghan  27 Aug 1918Berlin, Coos, NH I10394
2 Boutot, L.   I1686
3 Couture, L.C.   I0985
4 Guilbeault, Doris Marie  13 Jun 1920Berlin, Coos, NH I1629
5 Landry, Rosanna  1899Berlin, Coos, NH I1878
6 Lauzier, Edward Roland  29 Oct 1934Berlin, Coos, NH I1484
7 Lauzier, M.J.   I1485
8 Lauzier, R.M.   I1483
9 Lauzier, R.R.   I1482
10 Lozier, H.J.G.   I1033
11 Lozier, S.   I1630
12 Pomerleau, Bernadette  7 Jul 1910Berlin, Coos, NH I1432
13 Pomerleau, Romeo  15 Feb 1906Berlin, Coos, NH I0994


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bouchard, Mack  15 Oct 1939Berlin, Coos, NH I12474
2 Couture, Paul D.  9 Oct 2015Berlin, Coos, NH I1652
3 Guilbeault, Doris Marie  14 Oct 2011Berlin, Coos, NH I1629


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bouchard, Anna  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0987
2 Chiasson, Ida  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1032
3 Lausier, Mary Blanche  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0981
4 Lausier, Mary Blanche  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0981
5 Lauzier, Alphena Mary Frieda  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0980
6 Lauzier, Clovis Alexandre  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I1162
7 Lauzier, Clovis Alexandre  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1162
8 Lauzier, Edward Roland  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1484
9 Lauzier, Franklin Joseph  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0984
10 Lauzier, Franklin Joseph  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0984
11 Lauzier, M.J.   I1485
12 Lauzier, R.M.   I1483
13 Lauzier, R.R.   I1482
14 Lozier, Arthur P.  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0942
15 Lozier, Dennis Toussaint  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0982
16 Lozier, Dennis Toussaint  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0982
17 Lozier, Frank Robert  Apr 1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0941
18 Lozier, Frank Robert  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0941
19 Lozier, George Emile  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0992
20 Lozier, Gilbert  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0989
21 Lozier, Hercules V.  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0947
22 Lozier, Leona  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0991
23 Lozier, Marie Jeannette  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0990
24 Lozier, Marie Julienne  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I0983
25 Lozier, Perley  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0988
26 Lozier, Richard  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0993
27 Paradis, Ozite M.  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0978
28 Pomerleau, Bernadette  1930Berlin, Coos, NH I1432
29 Pomerleau, Bernadette  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1432
30 Richard, Donaldo  1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1388
31 Richard, R.   I1491


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Lozier, Harvey Joseph  7 Sep 1926Berlin, Coos, NH I1000
2 Lozier, Irene Marie  4 Sep 1926Berlin, Coos, NH I0996
3 Lozier, Jesse Peter  7 Sep 1926Berlin, Coos, NH I0002
4 Lozier, Juliette Marie  7 Sep 1926Berlin, Coos, NH I0997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Lauzier, Clovis Alexandre  16 Oct 1940Berlin, Coos, NH I1162
2 Lozier, Dennis Toussaint  16 Oct 1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0982
3 Lozier, Frank Robert  1941Berlin, Coos, NH I0941
4 Lozier, Gilbert  16 Oct 1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0989
5 Lozier, Hercules V.  16 Oct 1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0947
6 Lozier, Perley  16 Oct 1940Berlin, Coos, NH I0988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lozier, Dennis Toussaint  9 Dec 1995Berlin, Coos, NH I0982


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fillion / Pelletier   F1433
2 Lauzier / Pomerleau  3 Mar 1930Berlin, Coos, NH F485


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   Family    Met    Family ID 
1 Gilbert / Lozier  Feb 1929Berlin, Coos, NH F764