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Bellingham, Norfolk, MA


Latitude: 42.0867608, Longitude: -71.4745881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Guilbeault, Amanda Marie Therese  21 Oct 1927Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9776
2 Guilbeault, Normand Theodore  22 May 1934Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9778
3 Guilbeault, Robert Charles  2 Feb 1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9777
4 Ouellette, Germaine Rose  15 Jun 1927Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ouellette, Alfred Edward  1 Apr 1962Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Guilbeault, Adelard  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4189
2 Guilbeault, Adelard  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4189
3 Guilbeault, Adelard Anselme Jr  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9773
4 Guilbeault, Adelard Anselme Jr  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9773
5 Guilbeault, Amanda Marie Therese  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9776
6 Guilbeault, Amanda Marie Therese  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9776
7 Guilbeault, Dorimene  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9774
8 Guilbeault, Dorimene  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9774
9 Guilbeault, Lucien Alfred  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9775
10 Guilbeault, Lucien Alfred  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9775
11 Guilbeault, Normand Theodore  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9778
12 Guilbeault, Robert Charles  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9777
13 Guilbeault, Robert Charles  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I9777
14 Levesque, Cecile Floriana  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4058
15 Levesque, Cecile Floriana  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4058
16 Levesque, Fedora  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4071
17 Levesque, Fedora  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4071
18 Levesque, Florianna  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4070
19 Levesque, Florianna  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4070
20 Ouellette, Alfred Edward  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4059
21 Ouellette, Alfred Edward  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4059
22 Ouellette, Cecile T.  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4079
23 Ouellette, Cecile T.  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4079
24 Ouellette, D.A.   I4077
25 Ouellette, D.A.   I4077
26 Ouellette, Germaine Rose  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4078
27 Ouellette, Germaine Rose  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4078
28 Ouellette, L.A.J.   I4074
29 Ouellette, L.A.J.   I4074
30 Ouellette, L.   I4076
31 Ouellette, L.   I4076
32 Ouellette, Theodore Adelard  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4075
33 Ouellette, Theodore Adelard  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4075
34 Vaillant, Charles Edward  1930Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4213
35 Vaillant, Charles Edward  1940Bellingham, Norfolk, MA I4213
36 Vaillant, J.   I9800
37 Vaillant, J.   I9800
38 Vaillant, L.   I9801
39 Vaillant, L.   I9801


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cartier / Ouellette  1956Bellingham, Norfolk, MA F2364
2 Fontaine / Rogers   F2468
3 Langlais / Rogers   F2469
4 Leclair / Ouellette   F2369
5 Martin / Rogers   F2467
6 Rogers / Ouellette   F2368
7 Rogers / Pasquerilo   F2466