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Baltimore, Baltimore, MD



Latitude: 39.2903848, Longitude: -76.6121893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clogg, M.N.   I2447
2 Dell, Jesse William  15 Oct 1830Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
3 Harriman, Jerome D.  31 Dec 1931Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I175
4 Morosko, John Louis  14 Jan 1925Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I10513
5 Triplett, Lawrence Allen  19 Feb 1908Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baines, Ann Louisa  14 Jan 1909Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9819
2 Barnhart, Barbara  10 Jun 1881Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9834
3 Dell, Burganetta  1948Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
4 Dell, Jesse William  18 Jul 1918Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
5 Glodoski, Joseph Karl  28 May 1994Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I0603
6 Karg, Louisa  27 Oct 1924Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9826
7 Morosko, John Louis  29 Jul 1995Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I10513
8 Ogle, Joseph  26 Aug 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9841
9 Ogle, Mary A.  18 Feb 1913Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9840
10 Parker, Susannah  4 Mar 1923Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
11 Therien, Dorothy Emma  11 Oct 1994Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9797
12 Therien, Ralph Napoleon  14 Apr 2007Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9799
13 Tillman, Susannah  29 May 1892Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9844
14 Triplett, Horace E.  1946Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9814
15 Triplett, Lawrence Allen  1955Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9812
16 Wake, Isabella  9 Dec 1878Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9842
17 West, Henry  6 Nov 1911Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9820
18 Wolf, John G.  25 Mar 1927Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9825
19 Wolf, Lee Washington  26 Aug 1967Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baines, Ann Louisa  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9819
2 Baines, Ann Louisa  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9819
3 Baines, Ann Louisa  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9819
4 Barnhart, Barbara  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9834
5 Barnhart, Barbara  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9834
6 Barnhart, Barbara  1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9834
7 Barnhart, Barbara  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9834
8 Carrick, Elizabeth  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9830
9 Carrick, Elizabeth  1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9830
10 Carrick, Elizabeth  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9830
11 Dell, Burganetta  1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
12 Dell, Burganetta  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
13 Dell, Burganetta  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
14 Dell, Burganetta  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
15 Dell, Burganetta  1920Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9815
16 Dell, Jesse William  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
17 Dell, Jesse William  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
18 Dell, Jesse William  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
19 Dell, Jesse William  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
20 Dell, Jesse William  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9831
21 Dell, John Nicholas  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9833
22 Karg, Louisa  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9826
23 Karg, Louisa  1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9826
24 Karg, Louisa  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9826
25 Karg, Valentin  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9829
26 Ogle, Joseph  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9841
27 Ogle, Mary A.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9840
28 Parker, Elizabeth  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9822
29 Parker, Elizabeth  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9822
30 Parker, Susannah  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
31 Parker, Susannah  1870Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
32 Parker, Susannah  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
33 Parker, Susannah  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
34 Parker, Susannah  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
35 Parker, Susannah  1920Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9832
36 Reigle, Ida  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9824
37 Reigle, Ida  1930Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9824
38 Shaw, Francis C.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9836
39 Triplett, Edward  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9821
40 Triplett, Edward  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9821
41 Triplett, Elijah  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9818
42 Triplett, Elijah  1860Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9818
43 Triplett, Horace E.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9814
44 Triplett, Horace E.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9814
45 Triplett, Horace E.  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9814
46 Triplett, Horace E.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9814
47 Triplett, Lawrence Allen  1910Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9812
48 Triplett, Lawrence Allen  1920Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9812
49 Wake, Isabella  1850Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9842
50 Wolf, Hazel Agnes  1930Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9813

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Karg, Valentin  Sep 1839Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9829
2 Ogle, Joseph  Jun 1830Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9841
3 Ogle, Mary A.  Jun 1830Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9840
4 Unknown, Anna M.  Sep 1833Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9828
5 Wake, Isabella  Jun 1830Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9842
6 Wolf, John  Sep 1833Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9827
7 Wolf, John G.  Sep 1833Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Wolf, Lee Washington  11 Sep 1918Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9823
2 Wolf, Lee Washington  26 Apr 1942Baltimore, Baltimore, MD I9823


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dell / Barnhart  1825Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2452
2 Dell / Parker  1854Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2451
3 Morosko / Therien  30 Jan 1954Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F3152
4 Parker / Tillman  15 Dec 1819Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2461
5 Triplett / Baines  13 May 1851Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2441
6 Triplett / Parker  1 Oct 1817Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2444
7 Wolf / Karg  1859Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2447
8 Wolf / Reigle  22 Sep 1909Baltimore, Baltimore, MD F2446
9 Zielinski / Lozier   F394