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Received copy of Record of a Marriage from Maine Vital Records 9/27/07; shows Paul Lozier, 52 yrs. old, carpenter, born in Fort Kent, 2nd marriage & Laura Gorneau, 42 yrs. old, housewife, born in St. Agathe, 2nd marriage (both were widowed); his parents are Robert Lozier & Melvina McGaw (deceased), both born in Canada; her parents are Aime Gorneau (deceased) & Josephine Ouellette both born in St. Agathe, ME, married on Jan 11, 1930 in Fort Kent, ME.
Found a marriage record on Data CD from Chad Pelletier for Paul Lozier & Laura Gorneau for 11 Jan 1930 from St. Louis' church, Fort Kent, ME; he was bapt. 1878 St. Louis; she was bapt. 27 Aug 1885 Frenchville.
Note: Laura was Malvina's (Paul's 1st wife) sister-in-law married to her brother Clifford Berube; then married Paul Lozier when Malvina died so she was both step-mother & aunt to Paul's children. 
Family F455
She married Levite Saucier on 2/7/1898.
I cannot find them on the 1900 census in Fort Kent, ME.
Pelletier, Delina (I3182)
Sophie is listed in her sister, Rose Anna's obituary of Aug 23, 1988 as Mrs. Floyd (Sophie) Dillon of Crown Point, IN
Chagnon, Sophie Denise (I7906)
There was no 1920 census taken for the Parente family on 10 Henry St., Bristol, CT, I believe they were somehow skipped since the street was done but not them.
Parente, Emilia (Mildred) (I0239)
We called Richard 'Bijou' & I called him Uncle Bijou all my life and didn't know he was really my cousin until after he died in 1995.
He was at my house for a Lozier Reunion approx. mid-July 1995 & was so sick he couldn't get out of the car so we all went & visited with him in the car while he rested. We miss him. 
Lozier, Richard Jean (I1002)
Adelaide Avitabile married Salvatore Mascola sometime between May 1896 & June 1897 but so far I cannot find a marriage license or a certificate of marriage from a Catholic Church in New Haven area. Will continue to search.

She was the only witness to the accidental death of Giovanni Mascola on May 5,1903 as mentioned in the autopsy.
She was Christine Mascola Messina's matron of honor on Nov. 23, 1904
Oct. 29, 1907 Salvatore & Adelaide Mascola bought property & buildings on 187 Poplar St., New Haven from Thomas Sullivan for $600.

Salvatore dies on Apr. 9, 1912 leaving Adelaide with 5 small children.
After Sal died on Apr. 9, 1912, Adelaide was made adminstratrix of the estate on Oct. 9, 1912. She was also appointed guardian to her five children John, Amelia, Julia, James & Victor(ia) ages 14, 13, 11, 9, & 7. She had to publish, 3 times, in the Journal Courier a notice to creditors to submit claims to estate.
On May 22, 1913 Adelaide was allowed to sell the property on 185-187 Poplar St. with a $3,500 bond.
On June 4, 1913, the courts held a hearing stating that she had sold 2 parcels of property on 185 & 187 Poplar St. for $1,525. to Frank Monati? and paid the $1,000 1st mortgage on the property. A final court date of June 12th, 1913 was scheduled to close the estate of Salvatore Mascola & Adelaide had to post a notice, 3 times, in the Journal Courier for all creditors to come forward by that date. None did & the estate was closed.

On Sept 21, 1913 Adelaide marries Giovanni Coppola in New Haven.

She was Marie Christina Messina's godmother on Dec. 10, 1917
Avitabile, Adelaide (I0025)
57 (912E, G section) Avitabile, Adelaide (I0025)
58 and the other was on the SS 'Neckar' arrived in New York on May 26, 1902 at 53 yrs. old, dressmaker, going to husband in New Haven, CT; detained for husband; he wasn't even traveling with her as far as I can tell, but released on same day; going to son Salvatore, on 385 East St., New Haven. Her nephew, Gennaro Florio,29, married, shoemaker, from Agerola, was on the same boat stating that he was going to New Haven,Conn to his uncle G. Mascolo on 385 East St. Florio, Camilla (I0015)
59 as Aggie on the 1920 Census  Boutot, Aggie (I0962)
60 Found a Maine marriage record for Evangeline Pelletier & Robert F. Ferland both of Fairfield, ME for 30 Mar 1951 Family F1915
61 Funeral Notice shows burial was Monday 9/18 in St. Peter's cemetery Lewiston, ME Pelletier, Holley (I6575)
62 He was buried in St. Kieran Cemetery, Berlin, NH, Sec. BB, row 3, lot 330, straight back, across bridge to right to annex; his gravestone says:
'DENNIS T. 1917-1995' 'DORIS M.1920- ' on one side & 'LOZIER' on the other side.
Lozier, Dennis Toussaint (I0982)
63 She is in sec. DD in a Lozier plot with a headstone that simply says 'MOTHER' '1883-1930'. Cyr, Madeleine (I0956)
64 "Helenam" was born 2 Oct 1911, baptized in St. Michael's Church on Oct 11, 1911 Wed. Messina, Elena Frances (I0126)
65 'Delayed Return of Birth' from Fort Kent town hall shows Henry Lozier was born on May 8, 1885; filed on 7/23/1943 & signed by Honore Dumond & Damas Duchaime; his parents are Robert Lozier & Malvina Magis. Lozier, Henry (I0004)
66 'Jane' is listed with her parents on the 1910 census at 13 yrs. old.
Pelletier, Marie Jeannette Jane (I1998)
67 'Jessie' is listed on the 1920 US Census in Fort Kent, ME as 2 yrs. old.
His sister, Jerrie, told me that in 1921 her & Jesse were sent to live at a Catholic orphanage in No. Mills, VT with Irene & Juliet (Harvey was too young, stayed with parents & Rocky was in a sanitorium in Maine for TB at 4 yrs. old) for about 2-2-1/2 yrs. while Gram & Gramp worked in the lumber camps; he cooked & she helped. Then they moved to Berlin, NH & they went to a catholic school. They moved to Forestville, CT in 1929 & they went to Green Hill School.
He had a serious sledding accident on Lincoln Ave., Forestville, CT, (about 1929), hit by car, in hospital (Bristol) for 3 weeks (about 9 yrs. old). (per Jerrie Watters, his sister).
Lozier, Jesse Peter (I0002)
68 (Lot 514 per Union Cemetery rootsweb website)
(from Sylvia Bridgham - his niece)
Found a burial record on for Chester R. Chet Anderson with a picture of headstone for 'Anderson Chester R. Chet 1909-1994 Evelyn W. 1913-2000' 
Anderson, Chester Raymond (I6985)
69 ( shows burial in old section, lot 1614 & 1613; got copy of picture of headstone supplied by Don Raymond: Pelletier, Pearl D. 1925-1986; married Dec 27, 1948; Ronald M. 1923 - 2011 ') Pelletier, Ronald Mark (I6167)
70 ( shows burial in old section, lot 1614; got copy of picture of headstone supplied by Don Raymond: Pelletier, Pearl D. 1925-1986; married Dec 27, 1948; Ronald M. 1923 - 2011 ') Pelletier, Pearl Doris (I6168)
71 ( shows burial in the old section lot 1621.)
Got a picture of the headstone from Holy Family Cemetery old section lot 1622 from provided by Don Raymond; the headstone says 'Pelletier, William Mar 26, 1893 Jan 27 1972, Modeste Dec 10 1896 July 3 1990' 
Daigle, Modeste (I2703)
72 ... survived by 4 daughters Mrs. Thomas Williamson, Mrs. Henry Cassreino, Mrs. Robert Gomez & Mrs. William Nichols, 4 sons George, Ernest, Eugene & Henry, 1 sister, 43 grandchildren & 39 great-grandchildren. Fiegel, Louisa (I9980)
73 18 Aug 1923 is listed on, don't know if that came from cemetery records or gravestone or family member but her obituary shows she was born Aug 14, 1923, I'll leave the 18 Aug 1923 as her birth date until I can document otherwise Walling, Mary Mabel (I11358)
74 1877 Nov 13 Marriage record for Olivier Lamarre & Philomene Pelletier from Ste. Luce Church, Frenchville, ME present were Zephirin Pelletier & Louis Lamore Family F1502
75 1900 US Census (CT, New Haven/New Haven, Super.District 26, Enumer. Distr. 367, Sheet 8A, line 50, last line of census sheet, con't on next page 8B for his family) shows Giovanni Mascola with his wife Camille & their 6 children on 13 St. John St., New Haven, CT, he was the head, 52 yrs. old, married 28 yrs.(1872?), b. Dec. 1848, immigrated 1881, in US 19 yrs., Naturalized, Barber, could read/write & speak English, 'R' for rent.
5 other families lived at 13 St. John St. on this Census:
Salvatore Mascola (Giovanni's son) with his wife & 2 children;
AngelaRosa (Giovanni's daughter) & her husband Pasquale Parente & 2 children;
Antonio & Benedetto Parente & 4 children;
Luca & Angela Criscuolo & 3 children;
Domenico & Irene SanGiovanni & 2 children;
plus a few boarders living with some of these families.
Mascolo, Giovanni (I0014)
76 1900 US Census (CT, New Haven/New Haven, Super.District 26, Enumer. Distr. 367, Sheet 8B, line 54, shows Salvatore Mascola, on 13 St. John St., New Haven, CT, listed as 'Son' of the 'Head' Giovanni Mascola, born Jan. 1873, 27 yrs. old, married 3 yrs., born in Italy, immigrated 1885, 15 yrs. in US, Naturalized, Barber, could read/write & speak English. His wife Adelaide & their two children are listed on lines 63-65, separate from Salvatore.
5 other families lived at 13 St. John St. on this Census:
Giovanni Mascola (Salvatore's father) with his wife & 6 children;
AngelaRosa (Salvatore's sister) & her husband Pasquale Parente & 2 children;
Antonio & Benedetto Parente & 4 children;
Luca & Angela Criscuolo & 3 children;
Domenico & Irene SanGiovanni & 2 children;
plus a few boarders living with some of these families.
Mascolo, Salvatore (I0016)
77 1900 US Census shows that Giovanni & Camille had been married for 28 yrs.; assumed 1872 as year of marriage. Sent to Agerola, Italy for official records. Family F001
78 1922 Los Angeles City Precinct No.102, Roll 102, image 123 under Mc
119 McGough, Daniel, lmbr slr, 1338 Maple av, R(epublican)
from 'Index to Register of Voters for Los Angeles County, California'
1950 timeframe. 
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
79 1928 Los Angeles City Precinct No. 997, Roll 23, image 367, Mc
McGough, Daniel, 720 E. Anaheim st, lmbrmn, R
from 'Index to Register of Voters for Los Angeles County, California'
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
80 1930 Census shows John Goselin, 30, married at 25, born New York, he was a Lineman for the Telephone Co. 3 daughters Marguerite, Elenor & Dorothy
1938 Bristol Dir. lists George R. & Anna, Francis L. & Mary A., & John Goselin all living at 318 Brook, Bristol, CT
Goselin, John Edward (I0138)
81 1930 Los Angeles City Precinct No.1237, Roll 27, image 49, Mc
McGough, Daniel, 903 Lakeme av, lmbrmn, R
from 'Index to Register of Voters for Los Angeles County, California'
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
82 1932 Los Angeles City Precinct No. 577-B, Roll 30, image 605, Mc
McGough, Daniel, 553 Ceres av, D(emocrat)
from 'Index to Register of Voters for Los Angeles County, California'
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
83 1940 Los Angeles City precinct No.908, Roll 507, image 17, Mc
McGough, Daniel, 208 S Olive st, lumberman, D
from 'Index to Register of Voters for Los Angeles County, California'
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
84 1942 Los Angeles City Dir. pg. 1605 there are two Danl McGough's listed one at r318 1/2 S. Olive & one at r1444 1/2 W. 20th. I think the one at S. Olive is the same as the 1940 voter's registration.
Los Angeles stopped printing city directories in 1942 & began printing telephone directories in 1943; I'm working with the Los Angeles Public Library to get copies of the telephone directory for 1943 - 
McGough, Daniel Meridee (I1623)
85 2 Maine Marriage Records exist for this marriage:
1.) Arthur Lausier & Anna Bouchard both from Ft. Kent ME
2.) Arthur Lozier f/Ft. Kent & Anna Bouchard f/Caribout, ME
both have the same marriage date June 20, 1915
Record of Marriage from State Archives shows Arthur as 25, Anna as 17; his parents as Robert Lozier & Malvina Magoff & her parents as Xavier Bouchard & Sophie Thibodeau. 
Family F380
86 2. Mathieu Choret arrived 1648 in Quebec per Premiers colons du debut de la colonie jusqu'en 1700 by Joseph-Philippe Poulin.
Also found a history of Mathieu Choret on that states he arrived the 1st time in Oct. 1645 & went back in 1646 & married Sebastienne Veillon & they both came back to New France in 1648 with their son Robert.
Choret, Mathieu (I5820)
87 43rd Infantry Division Veteran's Association Reunion in Orlando, FL Lozier, Jesse Peter (I0002)
88 A Certificate of Birth from New Haven city hall shows Filumena Mascolo, child of Giovanni Mascolo & Camilla Floria, born on Mar. 17, 1894; 9th child of 8 living children; shows father as 48 yrs. old, born in Italy, a laborer; mother as 48 yrs. old from Italy.
Mascolo, Filomena (I0022)
89 A certificate of death from New Haven city hall shows Philomena Mascolo in the 'Medical Certificate of Death' section; also shows she died of Typhoid Fever & Pneumonia which lasted 15 days before death at NH Hospital. it shows Filomena Mascolo in the 'Undertaker's Certificate' section; also shows her birth date as Mar. 28, 1894 (I believe her mother, Camilla, got her birth date confused with her sister Rosina's which was Mar. 28, 1891); age 12 yrs. 9 mo. 1 day; informant Camilla Floria (mother).
Mascolo, Filomena (I0022)
90 A copy of a legal contract between Henry J. McGough of NYC & William McGough of Woodland, ME dated 1913 for foreclosure McGough, William Louis (I2102)
91 A copy of Mattie Gagnon Lozier's obituary was included on the website with her burial inforamtion; I am assuming this came from Bangor Daily News possibly on Feb 4, 1968 the day after she died?
It says she was born in Frenchville, ME Jul 22, 1883 to Joseph Gagnon & Sophie Rossignol; survived by her 2 sons Lucien of Fort Kent & clifford of Mt. Celmens, MI; 5 daughers Annette Bouchard, Lucille Jandreau & Patricia Caron all of Fort Kent, Stella Gellison of Bangor & Yvonne Lozier of Brewer; 2 brothers, a sister, 22 grandchildren & 6 great-grandchildren; burial was in the spring of 1968 
Gagnon, Mattie (I7151)
92 A James McKenna died in L'Isle-Verte on Feb. 5, 1841 at 47 yrs. old, could have been John McGough's mother's brother?? James' widow Bridgette Early married Marcel Cote (Angele Cote's 2nd cousin) in L'Isle-Verte in 1843 & they were the godparents of John & Angele's first child!!
He married Angele Cote in 1845 in L'Isle-Verte, St. Jean Baptiste Church, Canada & had 5 children with her; she died in 1853.
Contract #427 from 2nd Nov 1848 from L'Isle-Verte between seller John McGough, shoemaker & wife, Angelle Cote and buyer Basile Cote, farmer, brother-in-law for 42 acres of land; notary was Alexandre Fraser.

McGough, John (I1347)
93 A partial obituary was included on burial record on for Peter E. Gillam parents William Gillam Sr. & Irene (Lajoie) Gillam, Veteran US Army from 1975-1978, survived by his son, his former spouse (Lorey Ann Sandison)), his mother, & 4 brothers; predeceased by his daughter Leia Gail Gillam, his siter Rose Marie Brailsford & his father; published in the Rutland Herald Dec 31, 2014
Got a full obituary for Peter E. Gillam from the Rutland Daily News on 12/31/2014 pg. A6 Wed. 
Gillam, Peter Edward (I11590)
94 A Record of a Live Birth with recorded with the town clerk of Frenchville, ME on Jul 24, 1940 for the birth of Marie Eugenie Gaudreau on 18 Aug 1890 to Joseph Gaudreau & Cesarie Lausier; no person recorded reporting this birth?? Godreau, Marie Eugenie (I12359)
95 Abraham married Deline Ouellet on 13 Nov 1847 after Modeste died, she was the daughter of Alexandre Ouellet & Marie Anne LaPlante, married in Ste. Luce Church, Frenchville, ME.
She died 8th Nov 1852 at 27 yrs. old buried on the 10th in Ste. Luce Cemetery, Frenchville, ME 
Dube, Abraham Joseph (I6930)
96 According to a chapter from the book "Gibiers de Potence' by Marcelle Cinq-Mars & other documents supplied to me by the author, Marie McGough was employed as a servant in the home of Abraham DeVillers & wife Adeline Dumas (whose father Francois Dumas was Marie McGough's godfather), she was responsible for looking after their 6 mo. old child Clara; she was accused of murdering the child on this day & admitting that she did it; sent to the penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario; her trial took place on Jan 1, 1872 in Ottawa & she was sentenced to execution on Tues Jan 9, 1872; they turned the sentence into hard work at the penitentiary for life since there were doubts about her sanity & the fact that she was a woman; her brother Thomas McGough pleaded with the courts in a letter dated Jan 28 1878 to release her to his care; in Sept 1878 she was released to Thomas' care; on May 22, 1903 she was admitted to the Hospital St. Michel-Archangel in Quebec for insanity & died there in Feb 1919. McGough, Marie Adeline (I1571)
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mascola, M.F. (I0192)
98 According to Jeannette, a baby was born to her parents in 1930 & died very young; I did not find any record of this child at the State Archives but I really wasn't researching in the 1930's. Requested a copy from Maine Vit Records Mar 2019 but they couldn't find one. This may have occurred in Berlin, NH since they moved there about 1930, this child is not on the 1930 census, I called Berlin town hall but they couldn't help me since I wasn't directly related to this child.  Lozier, Child (I1521)
99 Adalord is listed on the 1910 census with his parents as being 2 yrs. old.
Dumond, Adelard (I2512)
100 Adelaide arrived in the US in May 1896, had her first child in Apr. 1898. Sal & Adelaide stated that they were married 3 yrs. on the 1900 Census on Jun. 6, 1900. That should have put their marriage between May 1896 and June 1897. Searched through ALL marriage licenses issued in New Haven during May 1896 - Dec. 1897 and could not find one for Salvatore & Adelaide.
I was allowed to search the old church documents for St. Michael's and St. Patricks but found no marriage certificate for Sal & Adelaide. Sent letters to Sacred Heart Church & St. Mary's Church in New Haven 1/3/07. Both churches told me over the phone in Dec. 2007 that they had no record of this marriage. The Archdiocese of Hartford has all the church records from the New Haven County on microfilm; I will spend time there trying to find their marriage record.
Note: Pasquale Parente & AngelaRose Mascola were married on Feb. 20, 1898 & I got a copy of a picture of Salvatore Mascola & Pasquale Parente in 'wedding' attire,Salvatore was sitting, no wedding band on finger & Pasquale was standing, holding a hat with his left hand, looks like a ring on his left hand, has a boutonnaire in his left lapel; I am assuming this was the wedding of Pasquale Parente & Angela Rose Mascola; church records show that Salvatore Mascola was the best man. 
Family F008

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