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201 An article in the Nov 16, 1907 Quebec Chronicle pg.5 lists Napoleon McGough as 1 of 7 C.P.R. steamship checkers leaving the next Wed. morning for the Atlantic Service for St. John New Brunswick for 6 months McGough, Louis Napoleon Gildas (I2064)
202 An article was in the Le Soleil newspaper in Quebec on Tues. Dec 11, 1917 pg. 9 about the Halifax Explosion stating that the registrar of the court of recorder Theo. Dube received a letter from his brother-in-law Captain Henry McGough, commander of the 'Cartier' government steamer who was in Halifax during the disaster; they were about 1,000 yards from the explosion of the transport 'Mont Blanc' but him & his men were unharmed. McGough, Henry John (I1617)
203 an email from her sister-in-law MaryAnne Parent Giola told me about her death Civale, Beverly Ann (I0157)
204 An excerpt from Irene's obituary was posted on with her burial information
Got a copy of the full obituary for Irene Lajoie Gillam, 87 of Rutland died May 21, 2017 at Rutland Health Care in Rutland, VT; born Aug 17, 1929 in Van Buren, ME to Louis & Emma (Lousier) Lajoie; married to William F. Gillam Sr. on Oct 19, 1953; survived by her children William & wife Charlott of Rutland, Michael & wife Gail of Clarendon & David & wife Lori of Rutland, & John Gillam of Rutland;12 grandchildren, her brother Claude Lajoie; predeceased by her husband in 2011, a daughter Rosemarie Gillam Brailsford in 1998, a son Peter Gillam in 2015, a granddaughter Leia Gillam in 2005, a brother Louis Lajoie Jr in 1996 & others; burial was on Friday May 26, 2017 at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Rutland, VT.
(from the Rutland Herald online copy) 
Lajoie, Irene Marie (I11586)
205 Anais' husband, Paul, dies in 1911; she remarries Philias Lagace in 1912; Philias dies in 1916.
Anais marries Jermain Roy on 29 Mar 1919 in Frenchville, ME

On the 1920 census, Anais is listed as 'Naise', wife of Germain Roy at 44 yrs. old.
(They are living in the same house with her sons David, Fred & Joseph & her mother Marie Dubois)
Pelletier, Anais (I2217)
206 Anaise is listed on the 1930 census as the wife of Fred Michaud, 45 yrs. old, married at 22 with daughters Lillian 22, Rachel 15 & Fernande 7 and son Evon 13. Lausier, Anaise (I7094)
207 Anasie is listed on the 1920 census as the wife of Fred Michaud 35 yrs. old with daughter Lilianna 12 & sons Oneil 10, Archille 5 & Ivon 3-7/12.
Lausier, Anaise (I7094)
208 Anastasia is listed as 63, a widow on the 1930 census living with her son Felix & his family. St. Germain, Anastasie (I3826)
209 Anastasia is listed on the 1900 census at 2 yrs. old, born Oct 1897
Lausier, Anastasie Agnes (I7117)
210 Anastasie is listed on the 1910 census at 12 yrs. old with her parents Lausier, Anastasie Agnes (I7117)
211 And on the 1930 Census as being 13.
Lozier, Antoine Bernard (I1112)
212 And on the 1930 Census as Jennet Laurier, 11 yrs. old.
Lozier, Marie Jeannette (I0990)
213 And on the 1930 Census as Mary Jean 19 yrs. old.
Lozier, Mary Jane (Jeanne) (I1111)
214 And on the 1930 US Census as Irene Lausier, daughter(?), 20 yrs. old.
Lozier, Rene (I0963)
215 Andre Sirois is listed on the 1911 census as 'Chef' born Mars 1884, 27 yrs. old, with wife Adela & son Albert
Quebec>Temiscouata>sub-district 26, Partie Canton Begon, pg16 
Sirois, Andre (I4830)
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Daigle, A. (I8078)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Pelletier, A. (I7044)
218 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Pelletier, A. (I7066)
219 Angela Rose lived in the same house on 10 Henry St., Bristol, CT from 1915 when her & Pasquale bought the house, then with 2 of her sons at different times during the 1940-1950's until she died in 1959; the house is still in the family & that is where I got some of the best photographs, documents, etc. from her granddaughter, Gerri Goodwin.
Mascolo, Angela Rosa (I0017)
220 AngelaRosa came over with her mother on the SS'Indipendente' arriving in New York on 6/11/1886; she was listed as AngelaRosa Florio, 11 yrs. old, under her mother's name; I've sent a correction to to list her as AngelaRosa Mascola. Mascolo, Angela Rosa (I0017)
221 Angele is 1 yr old on the 1861 census living with her parents Surprenand, Angele (I4476)
222 Angele was baptised in L'Isle-Verte at St. Jean Baptiste Church as Marie Angelle Cote, born 'nee du neuf du meme mois' (born on the 9th of the same month) baptized on the 14th of June 1824; her father is Francois Cote & her mother is Magdeleine Patoine, her godfather was Louis Bertrand and godmother was Angelle Cote; Louis Bertrand signed the register; the father was absent. (Quebec Vital Records>L>L'Isle-Verte(St-Jean-Baptiste)>1824, image 7 of 12)
Cote, Marie Angelle (I1348)
223 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2762
224 Angelo Ciccarello arrived on 6 Apr 1921 in New York at 2 yrs. old with his mother Vincenza Ferrarello 34 & brother Giuseppe 8 yrs. old, left his mother's mother Gaetana Sciartino in Mistretta, Sicily, going to her husband Pietro Ciccarello in Stanford (Stamford) CT Ciccarello, Angelo Ray (I11546)
225 Angelo is listed in the New Haven Directories from 1899-1901; on May 5, 1903, when his father, Giovanni, died, he was the informant on the death certificate (son, A. Mascola) but later that month was not listed as one of the 'heirs' on the probate court's documents.
Mascolo, Angelo Charles (I0018)
226 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Megia, A.R. Jr. (I7079)
227 Anita is listed on the 1930 census with her parents at 1-2/12 yrs. old
Bard, Anita (I4744)
228 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Blanchette, A. (I7417)
229 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5063
230 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1977
231 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Daigle, A.M. (I8081)
232 Anna death certificate shows that she died at 79 yrs. old at 3:20am on Jun 10, 1977. Her father is listed as Zavier Bouchard & mother as Spfie Thidoeau, informant was The Rutland Hospital.
Bouchard, Anna (I0987)
233 Anna died at 4 mo. old from 'insufficient feeding?' at 23 Haven St., New Haven, CT. (Deaths vol. 58, pg. 247) Messina, Anna (I2261)
234 Anna is 20 yrs. old when her parents immigrated with her to the US; she doesn't appear on the 1920 US Census with her parents; probably got married??
Spadacenta, Mari Anna (I1910)
235 Anna is buried in East Lawn Cemetery (912, G section) Costanzo, Anna (I0036)
236 Anna is buried with her 2nd husband, John Rapuano, in East Lawn Cemetery sec.O, with her sister Elena & her husband Jim Costanzo. Messina, Anna Marie (I0003)
237 Anna is listed on the 1900 census as the wife of Germain Roy, 50 yrs. old, born May 1850, married 13 yrs., had 9 children, 5 living; sons Germain 21, Denis 15, Joseph 12, John B. 11, & daughter Emma 8.
Marquis, Anna (I8279)
238 Anna is listed on the 1900 US Census with her parents on 13 St. John St., New Haven, CT, she was 10 yrs. old, attending school, could read/write & speak English.
Mascolo, Marie Anna (I0020)
239 Anna is listed on the 1910 census at 8 yrs. old living with her parents
Anna is listed on the 1920 census at 18 yrs. old living with her parents 
Lausier, Anna (I7144)
240 Anna Marie is listed on the 1910 census at 7 yrs. old with her parents
Anna Marie is listed on the 1920 census at 17 yrs. old with her parents.
Anne M. is listed on the 1930 census at 27, single, no occupation, living with her parents. 
Ouellette, Anna Marie (I7137)
241 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lauzier, A.M. (I7167)
242 Anna Marie Mascola Ferraro's death notice says she leaves her husband, Ciro Ferraro, her children James Ferraro of East Haven, Mrs. Marie Borelli of North Haven, Mrs. Carmel DeRosa of East Haven, Mrs. Jennie Benevento of North Haven, Salvatore Ferraro of Miami, FL, & Jerry Ferraro of East Haven; she also had 14 grandchildren & 11 great-grandchildren. Mascolo, Marie Anna (I0020)
243 Anna Rose is listed on the 1900 census with her parents as Roseanna, 1 yrs. old, born Sept. 1898;  Raymond, Rose Anna (I2527)
244 Anna was Jim Costanzo's sister who married John Mascolo; Jim married Elena Messina & they had Fran; Fran Costanzo lived with Anna & John when his mother, Elena, had TB when he was 2 yrs. old (about 1939-1942)
Costanzo, Anna (I0036)
245 Anna's Death Certificate shows that she died on Jun 9, 1964 at 9:30am at the Hospital of St. Raphael's New Haven, CT; she lived at 181 Fillmore St., New Haven; her husband was Ciro Ferraro; she was born on 7-26-1889 to John Mascola & Carmille Florio; she was 74 yrs. old; informant was Mr. Ciro Ferraro; she was buried on Jun 12, 1964 at St. Lawrence Cemetery Mascolo, Marie Anna (I0020)
246 Annabelle shows up on the 1930 US Census as Annabelle Simon, daughter,1 yr. 6 mo. old living with parents in Waterbury, CT with aunt & uncle (Bertha & Herold Brown).
Simon, Annabelle (I1120)
247 Annabelle's death notice shows that she was 71 yrs. old, wife of Frank Lipski, daughter of Omer & Ozite Simon; she had 3 children Peter of Farmington, CT, James of Bristol, CT & Marie of Berlin, CT; 3 brothers Harold of Bristol, CT, Alfred of Hebron, CT & Gordon of Berlin, CT; no burial was mentioned. Simon, Annabelle (I1120)
248 Anne Langlois was engaged to Jean Pelletier in 1647 at the age of 10 yrs. old but Canon Law prohibited marriage before the age of 12 so they were married in 1649 when she was 12 & he was 22. (from Heritage Pelletier 1986 book)
Found a marriage record for Jean Peltier & Anne Langlois, M73, for Nov. 9, 1649; son of Guill. Peltier & Michelle Mabille; daughter of Noel Langlois & Francoise Garnier.
(Drouin collection: Q>Quebec(Notre-Dame)>1621-1667, image 56) 
Family F1547
249 Annette died in a car accident in 1928 at 20 yrs. old, she was learning to drive with her Uncle Joseph and Nicee was with them. (Walter Aunchman told me this)
Got a copy of an article in the Bangor Daily News from Tues. Aug 28, 1928 saying 'Fatal Automobile Crash in Caribou', 'Joe Lozier and one of his daughters were in Eagle Lake Hospital today suffering from injuries received in an automobile crash yesterday in which another daughter, Annette, 20, was killed. In trying to pass another car between Fort Kent and Frenchville, authorities said, Lozier lost control of his machine which left the road and went over an embankment, resulting in the death of Annette, Lozier received a broken shoulder and the other daughter had both knees injured.'
Death Certificate shows that an auto accident instantly killed her on Aug. 26, 1928, her neck was broken; she was born on 11/24/09 (should be 1908); she was 18 yrs. 9 mo. & 2 days old; informant was her father, Victor Lozier.
Lozier, Annette (I0958)
250 Annette is listed on the 1910 Census as 1 yr. old
Lozier, Annette (I0958)

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